Fix Windows 7 Boot Error with Windows 7 System Recovery Tool

"Dell Support"

Dell Support

Yesterday, my Dell notebook running on Windows 7 confronted a booting issue. Conventionally, I restarted the system twice or thrice but that couldn’t fix the issue. Then I navigated to a portal searching for the Windows 7 Support, and I came across an easy tool as Windows 7 System Recovery Options.

The article portrayed the troubleshooting process as how to access and execute the tool, through the original Windows 7 installation disc.

I connected it through an external hard disk, and modified the BIOS to change the Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) mode of the boot drive so as to boot with the installation CD. Read more…


Dell Tops The Customer Support Scenario By Adding Something More To The List

"Dell Support"

Dell Support

The working culture in the present times is much more diversified and capricious then what it appeared some years back. The rapid technological development, many new additions and above all the changing demands together have led to this change, which is no less than dramatic.

Experts these days are on a constant lookout of adding the many benefits to professional platform, just like they have been enjoying the same in their personal lives. The new work culture is thus the ‘in’ thing. Dell  too doing its bit in bringing something new, improved and intuitive for users has brought for everyone the Dell support service. Read more…

Dell Support Is A Worth Visiting Site to Fix All Sound Problems

"Dell Support"

Dell Support

I explored the Device Manager to check the status of the sound card but I was shocked as there was no such thing. I was clueless that what exactly happened to it. In fact, everything was working Ok till yesterday, I had listened favorite sound tracks even. Despite the troubleshooting when I couldn’t get the result, I called up the Dell Technical Support.

A technician picked up the call and wished me in a professional way. After formal discussion sharing the system information, contact detail, etc. he asked for the remote access of the Dell system to diagnose and fix the sound issue. I agreed to that.

After a while he showed me the crux. Under the Device Manager I came across a yellow question mark next to the name of the sound card. The techie told me that there is an issue with the sound driver, and its incompatible, and it needs to be updated. Read more…

Thanks Compaq Help ! We Are Back Together…

"compaq help"

Compaq Help

Last week I got a request of an old friend on Facebook, separated years back after completing 10th standard schooling. I accepted the request, and went through his entire information and photos. It appeared that the reel of the cinema is taking rewind.

But I couldn’t find a contact number. Not an issue, it was a great moment for me. From the day I waited for him to be online with bated breath; luckily one day while working at my office I noticed him online. I ping him just “Hello”, and then he replied “Hey dude, ‘where are you’?” Literally, my eyes went wet with tears. That showed me how absence of something makes the heart grow fonder. Since, it was an office hours, I told him to be online in the evening at 6, when I will be back home. Read more…

Acer aspire one- it’s truly the ‘ace’ or the ‘number one’

"Acer aspire one recovery"

Acer aspire one recovery

Acer aspire one from Acer family is the newest netbook line included in the budget range. Ideally created for users seeking for a netbook in an affordable range, although low in price, but this one is high on features. Good performance, two card readers, the very affordable price and of course Acer Aspire Support, together the same is a perfect mix of performance, reliability and affordability.

Small dimension and the sleek design, makes this a perfect companion for not just professionals but all those who enjoy ‘big things in small packages’. This new line of netbooks from Acer is anticipated to surpass all others in the competition. Read more…

Give Acer support experts the charge of your troubling Acer machine

Acer Customer Support,

The generation of today is socially aware and relies on technology as an imperative necessity. Technology in fact rules the lives of many out there. From the moment we wake up in the morning we need a machine that can make us coffee. Then as the day begins we have so many other tasks that are practically impossible without the involvement of technology. Then is the computer, without which spending a day seems impossible. It seems that technology is like the driving force that gives us the energy to accomplish tasks efficiently. Read more…

Compaq computers created for the users of today

"Compaq Technical Support"

Compaq Technical Support

The work culture is transforming from what appeared as a thing that could be done at office only to something you can accomplish no matter where you are. Laptops, cell phones, tablets and more such compact devices have added mobility to offices. Today’s 24/7 work environment and amazing mobility has together helped users in exploring the many unexplored ventures. We and you as individuals and also as enterprise have a greater potential that extend to boundaries, which are much farer than before. Read more…

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