"compaq help"

Compaq Help

Last week I got a request of an old friend on Facebook, separated years back after completing 10th standard schooling. I accepted the request, and went through his entire information and photos. It appeared that the reel of the cinema is taking rewind.

But I couldn’t find a contact number. Not an issue, it was a great moment for me. From the day I waited for him to be online with bated breath; luckily one day while working at my office I noticed him online. I ping him just “Hello”, and then he replied “Hey dude, ‘where are you’?” Literally, my eyes went wet with tears. That showed me how absence of something makes the heart grow fonder. Since, it was an office hours, I told him to be online in the evening at 6, when I will be back home.

I was just watching for the office clock to click 5, that day it seemed the watch is running too slow.

I went home, and hooked up a webcam with my Compaq desktop. I tried to configure the webcam with the Facebook so as organize video chatting. But the system was not responding. After a series of attempt when I could not get a breakthrough, I called Compaq help and support to do it for me.

The moment I called up the compaq help, a technician responded as “My name is Alex. How may I assist you?” The technician asked for the remote access of the system to resolve the issue. Being a cynic I was hesitant about doing the same. However, with his assurance, I agreed later on.

The technician diagnosed the “Device Manager” to check the status of the device driver. He detected some conflicts, and then reinstalled the desired driver. He configured the webcam settings and instructed me to close the browser and then reopen the Facebook to start vide calling.
I started the machine, and luckily we were connected, after a long… long time ! Thanks compaq customer support , it wouldn’t have been realized without you. We were really happy.