"HP Help"

HP Help

I received a call a while back about driver issues with the HP mini laptop. It was from one of my friends. In fact, he was trying to play a video link which I had shared on the Facebook. Later, he tried the same with other audio and video files, but couldn’t succeed.

Once I had fixed the Internet issues with his machine long back, since then he adored me as a technician, though I am not. I asked the problem detail. In no time I could assess that it was related to corrupt Flash Player. I sent him an HP Support link to delete the incompatible version, and download the desired codec on the system.

Steps were quite simple, as follow.

• Delete the following folders:

C:\Documents and Settings\%UserName%\Application Data\Adobe\Flash Player
C:\Documents and Settings\%UserName%\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player

• Empty your temporary internet files.
• Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options
• Use this command to empty your temporary files folder:
• Start -> Run -> RMDIR /S /Q “%TEMP%”
• Install the latest version of the Flash plugin.

I told me to click on the download button, but again he was getting errors. I then delivered him the HP number so as access online laptop support and fix it instantly.

He did so, and a technician took the remote access of the machine so as to resolve the audio issues. Eventually, he was able to stream the video content in a successful manner.
Indeed, HP help desk cares for its valued customers and brings quick solutions.