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Compaq Help

I am running business, and my occupation requires me to travel many places every day. I have been using Compaq’s laptop to make various presentations of my products, and demonstrate them to my respected customers. In other words, laptop is one of the most valuable devices for me to operate my trade smoothly. Last Sunday, my laptop encountered with some issue related to power supply. I was not able to charge its battery, despite of connecting it to wall socket. I immediately called Compaq technical support to get the resolution of this issue, and due to their skillful technicians, it was resolved within minutes.

It’s a well-known fact that, laptop’s batteries gradually lose their performance over the time, but there are some other reasons too, which can be responsible for this issue. I thought of sharing the troubleshooting steps that I performed to resolve my laptop’s issue, so if some of you are facing the identical matter, it can be resolved without even consulting Compaq help.

  • Make sure that your laptop’s AC adapter is plugged in properly, and is not loose from the wall socket as well as the laptop’s connector. If still it is not working in one wall socket, it will be good to connect it to another wall socket, as there may be chances that your wall socket is not working.
  • The next step will be to check color settings of your system, as sometimes laptop’s brightness or contrast settings are accidently reduced till its minimum level by us, which makes our system’s screen appear like a dead screen. So, be ensured that your system’s color settings are appropriate. You can adjust your laptop’s brightness, contrast and related settings through the keys that are situated above the numeric keys on your laptop’s keyboard.
  • If your laptop is encountered with power or battery related issues, it’s better to check its battery indicator. Other than power issue, if the battery indicator is not blinking or showing a power related problem, it may be possible that the switch, which closes the LCD, is not working properly. This switch is used to check, whether your laptop is opened or closed.

In my case, my laptops “LCD Closed Switch” was stuck, which is situated at the bottom of my laptop’s display screen. I was told to tap it multiple times to make it free, and believe me! It was the key to resolve the problem. If you have dissimilar series of Compaq’s laptop, you can still locate “LCD Closed Switch” with the help of several Compaq support websites.